3 Simple Vape Tricks For Beginner Vapers

Whether you’re a beginner vaper or an expert cloud chaser, the vapor produced by your favorite e-liquid is always enjoyable to admire. I admit, there are some clouds that I produce that I simply can’t resist connecting and running my fingers through! For some of us, there’s a desire to produce more than simply an impressive cloud of vapor. We want to do tricks! That’s why I create this list of techniques for vapers of all levels. I’ll also include some YouTube links, in case a few of you discover by example and not simply by reading. Let’s have a look at the first of these vape tricks now!


Likewise known as the Mushroom Cloud or the Snap Inhale, this is a pretty simple vape technique. You simply breathe out a cloud of vapor, then rapidly draw it back in. Sounds basic? Begin by taking a drag from your preferred vape gadget. Let the vapor live in your mouth for a couple of seconds before pressing it out in a ball. You must aim for a quick burst of vapor rather than a substantial cloud. As soon as that ball of vapor is pressed out, quickly draw everything back in so that just a “ghost” of vapor is visible. This technique does not need a huge quantity of practice or proficiency, but you must practice it on your own prior to attempting to show off. Have a look at this link here if you want to see the action by action directions, along with what not to do!


My mom constantly calls me Puff the Magic Dragon whenever I vape, so this trick is a respectable reference of her! Start by taking a deep long drag off your vape gadget, but don’t make it a total lung breathe in. Forcefully expel the vapor through your nose, but likewise through the sides of your mouth and the center of your lips. This might take your lips a little time to get used to, as it might be a bit unpleasant when you first pucker your mouth this way. The point is to get 4 unique streams of vapor on one to exhale. You can see this link here for an action by step tutorial as well as a final result of how the trick needs to look.

That sums it up for our newbie techniques. It’s time to move onto the intermediate level! Even if you’re still getting the hang of the two techniques currently pointed out, try out a few of these. They might appear a little bit more difficult, but just bear in mind that even professional vape tricksters had to begin at the beginning too!


This technique has gathered quite a bit of popularity in social networks and real-life alike. It’s a really cool technique that uses a flat swimming pool of vapor whipped upwards to spin up into the shape of a tornado. You’ll need a completely flat surface to begin, like a large book or a countertop. Start off by taking a big drag of vapor. If you’re a novice vaper, you can utilize a paper towel or bathroom tissue cardboard tube to force the vapor onto the surface area. Advanced vapers can just breathe the vapor slowly onto the surface area so that it does not disperse. Next, splay your fourth and fifth fingers (ring and pinky) outwards and position them on the table. (You can also select to force your fingers into a tight salute and place your salted hand downwards into the vapor). The next part is a bit tricky, so don’t anguish if you don’t get it immediately. Quickly drive your hand (whether it be the saluted or splayed shape) vertically to produce the whipping movement of a twister. Make sure that the area you’re doing this in has essentially no other wind (air-condition, fan, individuals walking by). You can take a look at this link here for a visual description of how to perform this trick appropriately.


That’s all the techniques we have time in the meantime! There are several more, however, start with these five till you seem like you have actually mastered them. Some tricks will be much easier to perform or more difficult to master, depending on your skill level. Regardless, these techniques make for a great way to impress your friends, kill time on a rainy afternoon, or simply improve your skills as a vaper. Have you attempted any of these tricks and know of a much easier method to do them? What’s your preferred vape technique? Let us know in the remarks below! Examine back with us next time for another 5 vape tricks that you won’t want to miss! As always, might your tank forever have plenty of scrumptious taste, and may your clouds constantly be fluffy and loaded with tricks!

When that ball of vapor is pressed out, quickly suck it all back in so that only a “ghost” of vapor is visible. Take a large drag of vapor and trap the vapor by moving your tongue to the back of your mouth, efficiently holding the vapor in your mouth. Carefully open your mouth so that the vapor looks like it’s falling out (envision a waterfall of vapor), but be cautious not to blow harshly or breathe out powerfully. Undoubtedly one of the most iconic vapers and cigarette smoker techniques alike, this extremely sought trick is the stepping stone to do numerous other intermediate level and expert level techniques! It’s a truly cool trick that makes use of a flat swimming pool of vapor whipped upwards to spin up into the shape of a tornado.

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