You Can Try Electronic Cigarettes Totally Free

May be you want to try e-cigarette smoking and you are not sure where to begin. This should not be very difficult for you since there are a good number of e-cigarette reviews online. The most important thing is to look for e-cigarette reviews that provide you with detailed and factual information on all the available e-cigarette brands.

What are E-Cigarettes and why are they becoming popular?

All over the world people are becoming aware of the dangers of smoking tobacco cigarettes. There have been several attempts over the years to come up with ways of helping people quit smoking. Some of the solutions worked for some people while others did not. However, in 2007, a revolutionary device in the name of e-cigarette was introduced in America as an alternative to cigarette smoking.

An electronic cigarette is a device that is battery -operated that looks exactly like a traditional y tobacco cigarette. An e-cigarette can look like a pen or pipe. It has a mouthpiece as well as a customizer, which acts as a heating element, and a battery.

E-cigarette is a safer alternative to tobacco cigarettes in the sense that, while it may contain nicotine, it does not produce smoke, tar, bad smell, ash, and second hand smoke.

E-cigarettes have gained popularity because they are healthier and more enjoyable when compared to cigarette smoking. They actually give you the same taste and feel of actual cigarettes. They also help people to quit addiction easily and reduce the risk of diseases such as cancer because of reduced inhalation of carcinogens.

Best Electronic Cigarette brands

There are many good e-cigarettes brands available presently. Here below follows an e-cigarette review of the second highest rated brand of e-cigarette – The VaporFi e-cigarette.

  •     -Unlike other e-cigarettes, Vaporfi does not use cartridges. Instead, it uses an atomizer as well as a cartomizer to make vapor. The main advantages associated with this include the following:
  •     – Cartomizer and atomizer last longer than cartridge.
  •     – They are capable of producing a larger quantity of vapor
  •     – They have better flavors as well as throat heats.
  •     – Vaporfi e-cigarettes come with a wide choice of e-liquids.
  •     -Vaporfi-e cigarette offers a 30 days money guarantee.

Pros for e-cigarette

  •     -Vaporfi is a high performing, high tech, and advanced e-cigarette.
  •     -It comes in a variety of colors as well as battery sizes.
  •     – It comes with a life time warranty.
  •     – It offers the best e-juice as well as custom liquid blends
  •     – It comes with high performance batteries.


  •     -The product is not approved by FDA.
  •     – Some users are allergic to propylene glycol.

There are six different kinds of strengths found on Vaporfi website for e-liquids. This is a great advantage if you intend to make small transitions on your journey to quit smoking. You will have the benefit of passing through six stages while on your race to wean yourself off nicotine. This makes the journey easier for you.

Where To Buy

You can buy your or from other online stores. This product is sold for $49.99. You will also get the best batteries you have ever come across as far as electronic cigarettes are concerned. The following are the accessories that will accompany your starter kit:

  •     -One battery,
  •     -One tank,
  •     -Three spare atomizers,
  •     -Two charging cables,
  •     -A USB charger’s wall adapter

You can also an extra battery purchase if you find it necessary

Many electronic cigarette firms are providing free trial and e-cigarette samples to smokers. These offers are made to new electronic cigarette users and in many circumstances; the electronic cigarettes are also offered for free to enable the smoker to sample the product. In a similar way, some firms give smokers replacement electronic cigarette cartridges on weekly or monthly basis. These firms understand that smokers are worry of tobacco alternatives and because e-cigarette industry is still growing, free electronic samples and free trials are offered to new users

Benefits of Free Trials:

When you place an order for e-cigs, the firm giving the product usually put the customers in an automatic shipping membership. This is usually not a problem in most cases, because you will be able to enjoy the offer given and continue to make your purchase. The good news is that, users who are unsatisfied with the product can cancel this trial period by following the due process.

Trial kit package contains only few basic electronic cigarette items like cartridges. Therefore, it is unsatisfactory to heavy smokers.
To make a free trial offer you simply need to login to an electronic cigarette website and follow the basic procedures. You will be required to pay $4.95 which carters for handling and shipping costs.Click here to compare the best e cigarette brands on the market today.Get E Cigarette Free Sample today for FREE!


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