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Upon entering this electronic cigarette review website, you must be at legal age because of the sensitive topics that are tackled here. The information available on this site must only be accessed by people 18 years old and up. Electronic cigarettes are safe to use but not with people below 18 years old. Though electronic cigarettes have lesser amount of harmful chemical called nicotine, it is still not advisable to be used by minors.

Upon entering this electronic cigarette review website, you have automatically agreed to the terms and conditions applied in this website. You are to abide from all laws and regulation that are implemented here. It is therefore your responsibility to comply all the laws accompanied upon using this website. If you won't agree with the terms and conditions presented in this website, you are free to abandon it. Since this is a review site, it is therefore very important to perform good conduct towards every review left in this site.

The use of electronic cigarettes is recommended only for people 18 years old and above. Minors are still not allowed to purchase or enter in this website without adult supervision. This is to abide the laws and regulations implemented in our country today.

Electronic cigarettes is the new craze these day, therefore, there are a lot of brand that wants to get the loyalty of the customers. We are here to help you decide what electronic cigarette to use based on the reviews left by customers of each brand. This review site can help many people especially beginners who doubt the capabilities of different brand. One of the greatest things that you need to consider to before purchasing an electronic cigarette is the warranty it gives to prove their effectiveness. A 30 days warranty guaranteed if you have any questions about our Terms and Conditions please Contact Us

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