Privacy Policy

This company takes the privacy of it's clients seriously,and has set up policies that ensure privacy is protected.The privacy policy of this company dictates that no information of the clients shall be disclosed to third parties.Any information of the company's clients sought by third parties will require prior consent by the clients themselves.Exemptions to this policy will only be on matters where disclosure of information is permitted by the law.

All information entered by client is collected by this company and not any other entity.To this extent,clients can be confident that this information is safe and private.This is information given by the client from the point of ordering for the e-cigarettes,payments and to the point of delivery.This information is only used to process details on customer orders and payments.

The company may once in a while provide interactive polls to the clients.This is to enable the company to get both positive and negative feedback from the customers.The views and opinion shared through these polls are safeguarded by the company and are not share with any other third party.The company may also conduct surveys to improve it's content to the clients.

The company does not allow persons who have not reached the age of consent to transact business.There will be no access allowed for such individuals,in accordance with the laws and regulations of e-cigarettes usage.The privacy policy regulations may require certain individuals to produce proof of identity to ascertain their age.

Client information may be stored in the company's cookies.This is standard practice for most companies which helps them remember users' preferences.Clients have the prerogative of deleting these cookies in their computers by following relevant instructions given.The company may also sometimes log client's IP address.

This privacy Policy is in accordance with the laws,and all general conduct regarding use of cigarettes.The company reserves the right to change these policies once in a while,therefore clients are advised to review the policy frequently.Clients also have the right to request for the removal of their information from the company data.By making a purchase on the company's site,clients are assumed to have accepted the terms and conditions. If you have any questions about our Privacy Policy please Contact Us

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