Healthier Smoking Experience: E Cigarette Starter Kit

Need to quit smoking Need to quit smoking or would you like to have fun smoking an electronic cigarette? An electronic cigarette commonly referred to as the e-cig provides you with an alternative to the traditional tobacco smoking without harming your health. But what really are they? Are they safer than traditional cigarettes? And what are the risks associated with an e-cig?

Well, e-cigs are highly portable, battery operated cigarettes that produces vapor rather than tobacco smoke by heating a liquid cartridge that contains a mixture of flavored nicotine and propylene glycol or glycerin. This way you are assured of your desired relaxation needs without inhaling the toxic substances associated with smoking of tobacco cigarettes.

Electronic cigarettes come in different varieties, shapes and sizes to suit your preference, budget and needs. Some may have no or a lower level of nicotine. They are cylindrical and some have a close resemblance to a traditional cigarette. Some e-cigarettes are reusable meaning they have refillable liquid tanks that you can refill with your preferred flavored e-cigarette liquid and contains a rechargeable battery. Other e-cigarettes may have a push button that allows you to switch and turn on or off the device manually.

What are the benefits of an e-cigarette over traditional cigarettes?

There are numerous benefits of using an e-cigarette to traditional cigarettes, as discussed below:

First and foremost, towards the safety of your life and health, e-cigars do not burn with the usual red hot open flame that may burn your equipment, clothes or instigate fire hazards when in presence of petroleum products or other highly flammable substances. They also do not contain the countless amount of chemicals that is present in traditional cigars that have been shown to cause serious health risks such as heart failure, lung cancer, osteoporosis, throat cancer and many more other dangers to smokers.

E-cigs do not have the tobacco component that produces a crowd of smoke and bad odor that sticks to almost everything it comes into contact with such as your bed sheets, clothes, living room sofa sets, e.t.c. This odor is produces as a result of burning substances of cigarette such as tar, chemicals and tobacco. Thus taking e-cigs helps you avoid this smell that many people consider as offensive and avoid staying in close contact with you, since you exhale a vapor that evaporates almost instantly rather than smoke that is typical with traditional cigars.

What Is E Cigarette Starter Kit

In this regard e-cigs are environmentally friendly and thus considered safer for use even on crowded places of bus stations, in airplanes or restaurants without affecting those around you. This reduces the need for you to frequently visit the usually overcrowded and designated smoking zones or the perpetual fear of finding one especially if you are new to a place or town.

Due to the presence of low or no nicotine, a smoker is able to gradually reduce their nicotine intake levels and also their smoking habits. Nicotine is a highly addictive substance; though nicotine itself has little health risks and its effects can be compared to that of caffeine, a common ingredient present in coffee products.

Also, e-cigs can save a lot of your hard earned cash. Bearing in mind that traditional cigarettes are heavily affected by issues such as high rise of production e.g. tobacco, distribution of fuel and face a tougher taxation due to their harmful effect on the environment and people, they can be very expensive. On the contrary, e-cigs, though they can be quite expensive when purchasing a starter kit, they will give you a substantially reduced cost in the long run though.

What are the components and price range of typical electronic cigarette starter kits?

An e cigarette starter kit contains at least one battery, a clearomizer tank that helps turn the smoke juice into an inhalable vapor and a USB charger. You then have to buy separately a bottle of your preferred e liquid since they come in different flavors and nicotine strength. The kit can be purchased from the various online stores such as Amazon and EBay. The cost can be as low as $10 to as high as $100 or more depending on the type of pack you choose.

For help in your transition to quit or live a healthier smoking life consider purchasing an e cigarette starter kit and start enjoying a no smoke, odor and ash free smoking experience.



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