Answers to Frequently Asked E Cigarette Questions

We believe that people reading this article have questions they need answered about smokeless cigarettes. What are they? Where can these be purchased and how do they work? This article will help explain and answer some of your questions.

Thanks to the Internet you can get a lot of information about the new modern alternative to old fashioned unhealthy smoking. After you gather as much information as possible, the next step is to sample and try the smokeless smoking experience.

It has been many years, decades even, since the average person and medical science became aware of the health dangers of old fashioned smoking. Regardless of having this knowledge many smokers were unable to stop smoking. This resulted in the unnecessary death of many smoking enthusiasts. Now there is a modern, healthy alternative to the problem. The answer is the electronic smokeless cigarette.

Q:What is an electronic E Cigarette?

A:This new, modern smoking product is a device that operates on a battery. They look like conventional cigarettes and give the smoker the nicotine they need to satisfy their craving to smoke. Fortunately, the nicotine that provides relief to the craving to smoke is delivered in a vapor make of smoke and glycol. There is no flame and no combustion and therefore no dangerous or unhealthy smoke. The mist of vapor inhaled delivers the same feeling and delivery of nicotine as a normal cigarette, but without any of the negative aspects of old fashioned smoking.

Q:How safe are Electronic E Cigarette?

A:Current evidence suggests that smokeless cigarettes are much safer than tobacco smoking. Some electronic e cigarettes have only flavor and not any nicotine, or lower levels of nicotine to help smokers kick the habit completely. With no harmful additives or carcinogens smoking electronic smoking products is inherently safer than normal old fashioned smoking.

Q:Are Electronic Cigarettes Safer than other Smokeless Tobacco Products?

A:Any form of tobacco, such as chewing tobacco or any product that delivers tobacco into your system is less healthy than electronic e cigarettes that only deliver nicotine and water vapor. There have been insufficient studies, over long periods of time, to positively ascertain these facts. The fact that e cigarettes eliminate harmful tobacco smoke and many unhealthy additives indicates that electronic e cigarettes are most certainly much more health than any other form of tobacco usage.

Q:Will I like Electronic E Cigarette?

A:The only way to know if you will like this type of smoking is to gather as many facts as you can and then to obtain a free trial test package of this type of smoking product. Barring that, a person could ask friends that have tried the smokeless cigarette experience using electronic cigarettes.

Q:What are the Economic Comparison Figures for e Cigarettes and Old Fashion Smoking?

A:Over time this modern alternative to old fashioned smoking is much less expensive. One electronic cigarette costs much less than one pack of old fashioned cigarettes. That same smokeless cigarette lasts as long as the entire pack of old fashion smokes. Also consider that modern e cigarettes can be refilled and reused. The cost savings quickly become evident.

Q:Where can these Modern Electronic E Cigarettes be Purchased

A:Electronic cigarettes can be bought in some stores and they can be purchased online. The best way is to purchase online from the widest possible selection. You can even obtain free trial samples online.

Q:Can Electronic E Cigarettes Help Me Stop Smoking

A:If a smoke uses the fluid modules that allow a gradual reduction of nicotine level it has been found very helpful to eventually eliminate the craving for nicotine and smoking completely.These have been answers to the most often posed questions about this new, modern type of smoking. Give Electronic E Cigarettes a try by obtaining a free sample.

Answers to Questions about E Cigarettes

Answers to Questions about E CigarettesWhat are cigarettes that emit no dangerous and unhealthy smoke? Simply put, they are the smoking product of the future. Just as other products phase out in our lives, like the horse and carriage, the vinyl record and the incandescent light bulb, e cigarettes are a better and more modern alternative for people who like to smoke and need their fix of nicotine to be satisfied.

The day could come when only smokeless cigarettes will be available on the market. The reason for this is the total lack of polluting smoke emitted by smokeless cigarettes. Check out the informative video on this web page for complete information and observation of how a smokeless cigarette satisfies while keeping the smoker and environment healthy and green.

One of the things that follow the smoker of normal cigarettes is the smell of that nasty smoke emitted and exhaled by smokers using old fashioned cigarettes. The smell gets on everything near the smoker and is one of the main reasons for no smoking areas, in addition to health concerns. The electronic e cigarette is not flammable and uses water and harmless glycol with some added nicotine to give the smoker a real smoking experience without any of the negative aspects of the old bad smoking habit.

The electronic e cigarette is made of several compartments. One holds the battery, one holds the "smoking experience "fluid and third would be for added flavorings like menthol or even fruit flavored smoking experiences. You can have mint, fruit, menthol or other new flavors coming on the market almost weekly. You also save money because you only replace the fluid or flavor compartments when they are empty. Battery compartments contain rechargeable batteries.

E cigarettes can be bought from local stores, where available but you can select your smokeless cigarette online as well. This usually gives you a wider and more complete selection of smokeless smoking equipment as well as better prices. By watching the video you can get more information and find links to sellers and manufacturers for help eliminating your old fashioned unhealthy smoking habit. They will be happy help you switch to healthy, smokeless smoking products.


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