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Health Effects of Cigarette Smoking

You can fight the dangers of cigarette smoking with e-cigarettes. Everyone knows about the dangers of cigarette smoking. Governments around the world have tried to discourage their use. Selling any to minors is prohibited and kids' characters in cartoons and comic books cannot smoke. In fact, TV as well as regular movies have also followed this ban; you will rarely see a 'hero' in a film or on a TV series smoking. Only the bad guys smoke, if at all.

No more advertising on TV, posters and magazine ads; it's illegal to show cigarette smoking. Governments in order to discourage smokers have raised taxes on tobacco products thus increasing its price. And cigarette packages now carry prominent warnings of the dangers of smoking. Unfortunately, none of these methods have worked; countless people are still smoking today.

Department of Health and Human Services

Statistics and studies concerning smoking dangers have mostly been done in the US. In the US, there is a long history of tobacco use and manufacture so because of these acknowledged smokers, the findings made in the US are deemed very accurate. Would you believe there have been about 450,000 people each year dying directly because of cigarette smoking? That's according to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

 It's true. One out of five people die every year killed because of cigarette smoking, outnumbering deaths caused by a combination of illegal drug use, spread of HIV, alcohol drinking, murders, suicides and motor vehicle accidents. And this includes about 50,000 who are killed by second-hand smoke. If you smoke, you'll die 14 years earlier on average than if you didn't smoke. About 25 million Americans alive today will die based on current smoking patterns practiced because of cigarette-related conditions. That's about 5 million people who are currently under 18 years of age.

Harms of Cigarette Smoking and Health Benefits of Quitting

There are serious medical conditions caused by cigarette smoking, such as heart diseases, breathing problems and malignant cancers, all of them can be fatal. Even infants and the unborn can be affected since pregnant smokers frequently have preterm deliveries, stillbirths, sudden infant death syndrome and low birth weights.

Then the practice of e-cigarette smoking burst upon the scene. Although the concept was first described in the 1950s, a viable product became available commercially in the 21st century. It was a Chinese scientist that designed this device in 2000 where it was released to immediate acclaim in the Chinese domestic market. Soon, international versions appeared and then it went global. In comparison to traditional cigarette smoking, the health benefits were obvious and smokers desired to avoid the gruesome effects of this addiction.

The marketing of e-cigs is more subdued than the early years of cigarette advertising. No reputable manufacturer of e-cigs totes this product's health benefits in itself. What this means is that people who are not cigarette smokers started to use e-cigs, the likelihood of their being healthier or living longer will not increase. No way. Manufacturers were quite upfront about the nicotine presence in some versions of this product although there were other versions with no nicotine at all.

Smoking: Do you really know the risks?

E-cigs' safety lies in its comparisons with other substances. An e-cig has one thousand times less harmful amounts of dangerous substances as compared to traditional cigarettes. Honest. A single e-cig has only .1% of harmful substances; you'd have to smoke a thousand e-cigs to approximate the danger of smoking one traditional cigarette. If a smoker develops a serious medical condition in 20 years due to traditional cigarette smoking, an e-cig smoker, smoking the same number of times, will develop the same medical condition after 20,000 years of continuous use. You won't develop any symptoms in your lifetime.

These are objective scientists' findings, not findings of scientists found on e-cig companies' payrolls. Studies on e-cig short-term effects have been done and the results have been quite promising. There are potential risks averted too by using e-cigs. Real cigarettes contain tar which is inhaled; e-cigs contain no tar. So the full range of serious medical conditions caused by taking in tar is eliminated.

When e-cigs are combined with other medications, are there any safety concerns? So far, there has been no indication of any extra hazards when e-cig are used with medicines, although some people have used Zyban to extrapolate a possible health risk. (Zyban is a medication used to assist people who are trying to quit smoking. There is a warning on the Zyban label commenting upon using its use with certain antidepressants.)

Massive doses of nicotine can cause tension and increase nervousness; e-cigs do contain nicotine. Nicotine can also lessen the body's ability to combat naturally other maladies. So, consult your doctor who may prescribe alternative medications.

Facts About E-Cigarettes

Should kids below 18 years old use e-cigs? Good question. Although there is research that suggests smoking e-cigs is about as dangerous as drinking a small cup of coffee, because of a lack of more definitive proof about this product's safety, there are safety and uncertainty concerns. Some parents forbid the drinking of coffee by kids so there goes the e-cig out the window. Also, there is worry about the nicotine presence even if the presence is in small amounts and comparable products with the same amounts have been approved by the US FDA.

There are other concerns as well. Using the e-cig is designed as if you were using an actual cigarette, so even though an e-cig smoker will probably not develop a nicotine physical addiction, there are the very motions a smoker uses which can be ingrained as a habit. Just the physical act of lighting up, then inhaling smoke and puffing, can lead a smoker to graduate to real cigs or use real cigs when e-cigs may not be available.

Because of all of the above, many parents have discouraged their children to use e-cigs. Governments have followed suit and many countries have limited this product's sale to those under the age of majority. Establishments require buyers to show proper ID before a purchase and online sellers, requiring the use of credit cards, have also compiled with these rules.

Listen, it is better to be safe than sorry. Some countries sell these e-cig products because it is viewed in more realistic termsteenagers becoming addicted to traditional smoking. Most e-cig smokers are those that transfer from traditional smoking rather than non-smokers. Many governments feel it's worth the unproven risks to save the fates of these teenage smokers.



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