The Revolutionary Alternative to Cigarette Smoking: E Cigarette Free Sample

e cigaretteThe negative effects of cigarette smoking has been scientifically proven. However, for avid smokers, quitting is the hardest thing in the world to do. Smoking is addictive and that all-important nicotine fix is something that smokers just can't get enough of.

The revolutionary solution that gives you that incredible nicotine satisfaction without the harmful effects is finally here – and it's called electronic cigarettes. One of the leading brands of ecigs in the market today is E-Cigs – a top quality product that provides incredible vapor and that nicotine fix you crave for.

An Overview of E Cigs Free Starter Kit

12ECigs is a brand that provides electronic cigarette starter kits to help smokers reduce their instances of cigarette smoking, and for just about anyone who wants to get the satisfaction from nicotine cravings.

You won't actually "smoke" with ECigs, but you'll inhale and exhale vapor. It involves the very same mechanisms of smoking an actual cigarette, but without the smell, without the harmful effects, and without the addicting element of cigarettes.

E-cigarette free trial provides electronic atomizers that are powered by batteries and they look and feel just like actual cigarettes. There are cartomizers inside and you fill these with liquid that contains nicotine. When you press your lips and inhale on the atomizer, it will automatically produce vapor from the liquid, and thus, results to the very same effects of actual cigarette smoking.

Pros and Cons of E-Cigarettes

E-Cigs is an excellent alternative for people who wish to quit smoking. Though ecigs have never been touted as the solution to help people stop this nasty habit, ecigs have successfully helped people kick the habit over a period of time.

Using these ecigs are perfect because they involve the very same actions as cigarette smoking – such as holding something between your fingers, having something to do, and the entire process of inhaling and exhaling.

E cigs make the transition from constant smoking to quitting by offering the very same satisfaction that cigarettes give, but without all the bad smell, the dangerous second hand smoke, and the deadly carcinogens.

Though e-cigs are generally safe, long-term use has not been studied because they're relatively new in the industry. And because it's an entirely new product by itself, there hasn't been any governing body to regulate their sale and use.

There may be a safety factor with these ecigs, but so far, no adverse side effects have ever been reported.

Benefits and What to Expect

Screen-Shot-2013-05-14-at-1.27.16-PMWhen you start using ECigs, you'll start to smoke actual cigarettes less and less. Because they provide the very same satisfaction but are generally safer, they can be used as an alternative to cigarette smoking.

The benefits you'll enjoy are healthier lungs, you get to enjoy more social activities since you won't be making second-hand smoke, and you'll feel a whole lot better in terms of your body and social life.

What the Product Offers and Where to Buy Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit

ECigarette is exclusively offered through their official website. With the ability to give you a smart alternative to cigarette smoking, e cigarette can give you a healthier body, an active social life, and a general sense of well-being.

Each ECigs Starter Kit includes:

  • >7 fully flavored nicotine cartomizers
  • >1 rechargeable Lithium battery
  • >The latest Renew ECigs technology with 400 puffs each
  • >1 USB charger for PC or Mac
  • >1 designer display box
  • >1 hard plastic carrying case


cropped-smoke-starUser Testimonials


The Renew Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit $109.63 but you can get it for free for only $4.95 through the brand's official 14-day Free Trial Offer.

Exclusively offered to all first time customers, this free trial offer includes everything in the starter kit, and it's yours to try for free for a complete 14 days! If you don't like the product within this time period, simply cancel your trial, return the kit, and no other obligations are asked of you.

If you decide to continue using the product, you will automatically be enrolled with the brand's Home Delivery Auto Ship Program, where you will be sent a fresh supply every 30 days.

You don't have to be a slave to cigarettes anymore – the best solution to help you reduce cigarette smoking is finally here with ECigs. No more smell, no more tar, no more second hand smoke – just purely safe nicotine vapor that gives you that fix but without the nasty side effects.



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